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Engine Timing Kit 

for VW Group 1.5 TSi Petrol

This kit aligns, sets, and checks camshaft timing for Volkswagen Group EA 211, 4-cylinder TSI petrol engines without computer-based tools. It includes a battery-powered digital inclinometer, adaptors, and alignment tooling. Follow the correct Laser Tools procedure to align the camshafts without OBD system interaction.

  • Applications include: Audi (from 2017), Seat (from 2017), Skoda (from 2017) & Volkswagen (from 2017)
  • Engine applications include: 1.5L TSi petrol engines – DACA, DACB, DADA, DFYA, DHFA, DPBA, DPCA & DPBE
  • Engine variants include: EA211, EVO 4 cylinder TSi ACT
  • Use in accordance with Laser Tools 8824 instructions
  • Camshaft pulley holding tools (LT7279 & LT8421) or similar must be used when loosening or tightening the camshaft pulleys

Part Number: LT8824
List Price: £952.50+VAT



Pulley Holding Tool Set 

for VAG

Designed to hold camshaft, crankshaft, oil pump and water pump pulleys and sprockets while loosening and tightening the fixing bolts

  • Complete set of adaptors: Ø4.8mm, Ø6mm; square 15 x 6mm, square 15 x 12mm; 13 x 17mm and 16 x 20mm cups; Spline M10 and M12
  • Equivalent to OEM T10172A (T10172) and T10554

Part Number: LT7279
List Price: £240.96+VAT



Camshaft Sprocket Holding Tool 

for VW Group 1.0L, 1.5L Petrol

  • For use with LT7279
  • Engine applications include: 3 cylinder 1.0L and 1.5L EA 211 EVO engines, including engine codes: DACA, DACB, DADA, DFYA, DHFA, DPBA, DPCA and DPBE
  • Equivalent to OEM T10575A
  • More information

Part Number: LT8421
List Price: £66.62+VAT



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