Number plates

Full-colour, legal number plates are now available from your local EU branch.

  • Choice of 3 DVLA-approved legal fonts
  • All legal shapes and sizes available
  • Full range of colour side badges
  • Colour coachlines

Please ensure you bring with you proof of ownership of the vehicle such as your log book, as well as proof of ID for yourself such as a driving license or passport. You will need one, original document from each list below:

Proof of ID

  • Driving license – with or without a photo (whether or not it was issued in the United Kingdom)
  • Electricity, gas, water, landline phone or Council Tax bill issued within the last 6 months
  • A bank or building society statement (issued within the last 6 months)
  • A passport (whether or not issued within the UK)
  • A national identity card
  • A debit card or credit card issued by bank or building society
  • A police warrant card
  • An armed forced identity card

Proof of Entitlement

  • A vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C / V5C(NI))
  • The New Keeper Supplement (V5C/2 / V5C/2(NI))
  • A Certificate of Entitlement (V750 / V750(NI))
  • A Retention Document (V778)
  • A Renewal Reminder for a tax disc or SORN (V11 / V11(NI))
  • A Temporary Registration Certificate (V379)
  • A Number Plate Authorisation Certificate (V948)
  • A letter of authorisation from a lease or hire company including fleet operators. (The letter must quote the document reference number from the V5C / V5C(NI))

For more information about number plates, please contact your local branch of EU or Linco.